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Born Unequal - 1977

Cendie's lived experiences with adversities started at birth, but ACEs Matter became Cendie's mission in the summer of 2020.

Cendie is a “Triple Eagle” scholar, becoming a first generation college graduate to earn two Masters Degrees, one BA Degree, and a business certificate from Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University. Cendie serves as a mentor for youth and rising education entrepreneurs. She has also conducted more than 10,000 hours of professional development training over the course of her career.

A Texas native & former public school educator, she is very passionate about empowering Title 1 schools with research backed practices that aid in nurturing the neurons of students and educators that have been affected by adverse experiences.

With over a decade of experience working in Title 1 schools, Cendie decided to use her education and business experience to launch a foundation that focuses on the mental health and emotional well being of students and teachers.

Cendie’s experience has taught her that building or revitalizing school culture must start with the superpowers of the adults in the building. Tapping into her network of colleagues in the mental health industry and education sector, she was able to design a unique approach to transforming how schools can scale their SEL implementation programs.

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